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Tale 200: The Core of Blackrock Mountain (the Trio)

"And now, time for another song from the repertoire of Flynn Devine..." Brock grins before taking the harp and starting a mournful melody:

A long time ago, in a land far away,
Three dwarven clans vied for supremacy
While two walked the path of light
The third walked the way of the dark

The duergar wished to rule them all
With the wisps of fire by their side
But though he sought an army,
He summoned the Wisp King Ragnaros...

Ash joins in with a tense melody on the Pokeflute as Brock continues:

He had been imprisoned under Redbridge Mountain,
Where he'd built up years of rage,
And now that he was free again,
To the dwarven city he laid siege

The battlefield burned with flames and ashes
Until the duergar city was no more
The battle created Blackrock Mountain,
With its white hot molten core..

Misty and Ash trade solos for a moment, over which Brock scats the fiddle line as he plays a harmony line. After playing the long and mostly improvised solo, he sings the final verses:

To this day Ragnaros remains
Inside the core with duergar slaves
Across the shore from a lake of fire,
Which has been many an adventurer's pyre

Many fire wisps will
Come from the fire realm still
And among the fire frolic and play
As a warning to keep heroes away!

Melody leads the applause as the Trio takes a bow....
Brock sings a song about a fire wisp said to haunt a volcano--one of the songs he sings as his minstrel character, Flynn Devine.

Inspired by this:

Here's to another hundred tales!
KittySib Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool! It rhymed and told a story! Good job! :D
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December 13, 2013


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