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Tale 201: Kitsune's Sacrifice (Brock)

"Thanks for the long letter with some Kalos tales for me." Brock grins as he switches out his harp for his guitar. "In fact, I think I've got one polished already..."

"Let's hear it!" Misty begs, her eyes sparkling with excitement over a tale from a new region.

Brock just starts a calm melody. "In a certain village lived a man named Manzou, who made his keep as a hired worker. One day, a particularly rich man hired him, and many others. Although Manzou and his family were not too well off, they were still very happy."

"Aw..." Misty smiles.

"Late that year, the rich man had a son born to him around the winter festival, so he got the idea to give Manzou one of his fields, in hopes the other hands would be inspired by their master's generosity and work to receive fields too." Brock continues over a playful chord. "As Manzou came to inspect his new field, he noticed a statue of Kitsune, a wise and sometimes crafty Delphox said to be an envoy of Arceus in Kalos. But he saw the statue was in disrepair, and set to work fixing the statue and cleaning the grime from it. Once the statue had been cleaned and repaired, he said a little prayer to Kitsune in hopes she would intercede for him before Arceus."

"So, what happened?"  Melody wonders.

"All through the fall, Manzou worked very hard to repay his master's kindness, and when the sun set, would offer the day's first fruits to Kitsune." Brock goes on over a peaceful interlude. "When winter came, he did his best to clean the snow off the statue, and repair what broke off in the bitterly cold winds."

He then plays a mystical melody to signal the passage of time. "Winter turned to spring, and spring turned to summer, but the next fall, a Nincada swarm wiped out all the other fields. However, only Manzou's field was untouched. In his anger, the rich man ordered the north field returned, and the Kitsune statue destroyed, despite Manzou's pleas that Kitsune would never bring harm on those she favored."

Even Ash swallows hard at this. "Manzou salvaged what pieces of the statue he could, and used the pieces to build a mini Kitsune in his house." Brock assures his jittery friends. "Some months later, the rich man's son got sick, and no healer within miles had a clue how to cure him. Finally, the town miko told the rich man that the only way to save his son was to sacrifice a young girl with pure heart to Arceus. The rich man then got the idea to sacrifice Manzou's little girl, Chiyo."

"How dare he kill an innocent girl!" Melody fumes at the idea.

"The rich man took Chiyo into a remote clearing in the forest, but just as he drew his sword to strike the girl, he heard an oddly pleasant female voice singing..." Brock then sings over a D chord Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...

The Pokemon cheer at the familiar "spellsong". "When he turned to see who it was, he gasped when he saw Kitsune before him, about to engulf the man in her Mystical Fire!" Brock announces over a triumphant chord. "Terrified, the rich man hurried back to Manzou's house, but when he arrived, he saw Manzou and his family were all present. Manzou noticed his mini Kitsune was glowing for some reason, and the rich man realized it had not been Chiyo he had tried to kill, but Kitsune in disguise!"

"I see...Kitsune didn't want to see anyone she favored hurt." Misty muses as she puts two and two together.

"The rich man's son was healed, Manzou received his field back, and rebuilt the large statue of Kitsune, which still stands today, watching over that village." Brock concludes over a soft flourish.

Ash's applause is the loudest. "I'd say that one's ready for primetime! I can't wait to hear you tell the others!"
Brock tells of how the Delphox Kitsune (Arceus' envoy, and seen as both a  magical guide and a trickster in Kalos) saved a man's daughter from sacrifice.

(real tale: "Folktales from Japan" episode 89, story 1)
KittySib Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This was a really good story! I especially liked how the rich man repented and everyone lived happily ever after! :D
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