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Adventure Comes to School

(a Katha show)

Prologue: Katha Takes the Stage

Excited chatter fills the air as children stream into their school auditorium, but backstage, the five members of the group Katha go over the first section of their lengthy program for this benefit performance. "Okay..." Brock begins as he shepherds the other four members close, and shows them the old book "Wonder Tales of Kanto and Elsewhere". "We've told 'The Enchanted Princes' and 'The Three Spells' from this book before...the good news is, many of them adapt very well to our style, so we'll go through the book and tell the ones we have adapted one by one. When we get to one that doesn't work, I have backups planned."

"So far, two of the first six work great." Serena agrees.

"We all know our roles, yes?" Ash asks before, he, Brock, Misty, Serena, and Callum lay their hands on top of each other for their pre-show good luck cheer.

Callum starts the cheer. "Adventure, romance, magic, and more!"

"All this is found in our world's lore!" Misty echoes.

"With drama, music, laughter and might..." Ash adds the next line.

"Tell how love conquers all, and banishes the night!" Serena echoes.

"So who is this merry band that brings such delight?" Brock asks.

The five of them cheer together "WE ARE KATHA! WE ARE THE LEGEND!" to triumphantly answer the question.

After more cheers as everyone hurries into position, Brock steps out onstage to greet the crowd. "Good morning, everyone...and thank you for allowing us to come today." he begins. "We're told you plan to build a new library here..."

Cheers go up in reply. "So we came in hopes our stories would help you raise the funds to build it--since every good story deserves to be shared, read, and told. But we'll do more than share these tales of wonder--we have songs to share with you, too."

With that, he takes a familiar silver harp in his hands. "So let us journey to the land of fantasy, and let the tale-telling begin..."

With that, he plays a few sweeping chords to compose his thoughts as the lights go down....
Katha is back with more tales and songs!

This time, they are performing a lengthy fundraising show to help an elementary school build a new library
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